For the love of plywood!

I must confess. I didn’t always love plywood.

When my husband and I were building our house, plywood was a readily available and relatively inexpensive material. Living in the tropics, we didn’t need insulation, so we created purely functional plywood and exposed stud walls.

For many years, I reluctantly tolerated their unfinished, rustic look until a trip to Abbot Kinney in LA a couple of summers ago. Walking into Gelina Take Away Cafe, I immediately recognized my open stud and plywood living room walls! They had become a defining design element!  My love affair with plywood began in that moment.

Not only is plywood widely available and affordable, but its unpainted, exposed grain, light color and clean lines give it a modern,  Scandi minimalist look. I started seeing plywood everywhere: kitchen cabinets,storage shelves, headboards, floors, ceilings and walls.

We recently felt inspired to upgrade our laundry room and used plywood to clad our washer/dryer creating a folding table that was not only functional, but design worthy!

In fact, we love plywood so much that on our upcoming trip to Paris, we will be checking in to Hotel Henriette, an adorable boutique hotel known for its stylish use of plywood!

For more reasons to love plywood, including its reputation as a “green” building material, check out this article.

Below is a round-up of some of my favorite plywood design spaces.


XO Ana


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