Backyard Baby Shower

Last weekend we had the honor of hosting our beautiful niece’s baby shower–in our backyard! Kaya (@kayacapella) and her husband Ben wanted a woodland/forest vibe so our jungle landscape proved to be an ideal backdrop.

Several of us set out early in the morning with clippers and baskets and walked around our farm harvesting wild tropical flowers, leaves and branches for decor. A few of our go-to favorites growing in abundance here are monstera leaf, plumeria and macadamia nut branches.

We created a bohemian style outdoor seating area using an assortment of lauhala mats, cotton poufs and drop cloth covered cushions. We adorned a vintage peacock chair with greenery and a homemade wooden swing for two, hung with macrame and vines, as a photo booth. Three giant hanging tugboat ropes provided endless entertainment.

It was a magical day, filled with good food, great company , laughter and adorable children!


Beautiful photos taken by the amazingly talented @childindig0










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